WooCommerce Integration Plugin For MobileFront eCommerce Mobile App

MobileFront eCommerce mobile app has been supplemented with one of the most frequently-requested features – WooCommerce integration. The long wait is over as it has been recently released and is available as a separate plugin for MobileFront.

WooCommerce runs on 30% of e-commerce sites and has millions of active installs which makes it one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the web.

With this integration plugin coupled with MobileFront eCommerce mobile app you can easily turn your web store into a beautiful WooCommerce Android and iOS app.

The plugin comes with our own implementation of WooCommerce REST API in a form of a WordPress plugin which serves as a bridge between the mobile app and your WooCommerce store. In-house WooCommerce API for mobile apps allows us to rapidly extend the template with new features as we do not depend on out-of-the-box WooCommerce REST API.


MobileFront supports the following WooCommerce features:

  • Products – title, description, price, sale price, images, attributes, variations and search.
  • Categories – app navigation is built based on category hierarchy.
  • Checkout – checkout process is taking into account many factors such as available shipping countries, shipping method calculation based on shipping address, shipping taxes, general taxes and fees.
  • Shop currency is auto-detected from your web store.
  • Stripe payments – Stripe allows to charge customers by accepting the vast majority of debit and credit cards.

We are going to quickly extend this list by adding many more useful WooCommerce features.

Video overview

Take a look on the quick overview video of MobileFront eCommerce app with WooCommerce:


As noted above, WooCommerce integration for MobileFront comes as a separate plugin but it’s installation isn’t complicated and consists of a few quick steps:

  1. Download both MobileFront eCommerce app and WooCommerce plugin from CodeCanyon.
  2. Move WooCommerce plugin into the bundle and launch the installation.
  3. While installation script is doing its magic, install MobileFront REST API for WooCommerce into your WordPress.

Read detailed steps or see short installation video in WooCommerce documentation.

Once the installation finishes you’ll  MobileFront template turns into WooCommerce mobile app integrated with your store. You can change any styles of the app, customize it with data relevant to your shop, add more translations via built-in i18n mechanism and do anything you want because you have full access to the source code.

And of course you can push the app to the App Store and Google Play!

We have more information on MobileFront eCommerce mobile app in our documentation here.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or problems at support@mobilefront.io.

Have great sales in your mobile eCommerce store!

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