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MobileFront currently supports Shopify and WooCommerce platforms.

After receiving your request, we contact you to get the details of your online store and your personalization preferences. Once we have enough information we create the mobile app, integrate it with your store and configure it according to your preferences. After that we will provide you with a preview of your app. If you are happy with the result we will deploy it to App Store and/or Google Play.

Yes, currently Apple developer and Google Play developer accounts are required to deploy the app to stores.

With Standard and Premium services we can customize the following aspects of the app:

  • Icons and splashscreens.
  • Store logo displayed in the side menu.
  • Information about your store displayed on the About page, including store name, basic description, phone number, address.
  • App color theme. We can match your online store’s colors.
  • Store category hierarchy. You can control which categories are displayed in the app.
  • Set up to three promotional home page blocks, e.g. “On sale”, “Recommended”, “Women fashion” etc.
  • Change labels.
  • Use a language of your choice (you will need to provide the translation).

Yes, we can fine tune the app to meet your specific needs and even add new features to it. Please contact us for a quote.

After submitting the app to stores you might realize that some small thing is not right, for example, some text has a typo or you don’t like the color of a button. We can make those small adjustments and redeploy the app for you. Our packs include a certain amount of such redeploys which can be done at no extra charge.

We are actively improving MobileFront and releasing new updates on a regular basis. As our customer you will receive a notification whenever such update happens and can have your app updated on demand. Please contact us if you would like your app to be updated to the latest version and we will do it at no extra charge within software update period of your pack.

You may decide to update the platform that your online store is using (WooCommerce) or it maybe automatically updated by the vendor (Shopify). If such updates cause a malfunction in your app we will do any steps necessary to fix it if your platform failure protection is active.

Currently platform failure protection covers the following systems: WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify.

Unfortunately, we do not guarantee that all WordPress plugins are compatible with our app and we do not cover WordPress plugins with platform failure protection.

We integrate the mobile app with Shopify using Shopify API bridge deployed at Heroku. While Heroku has a free plan it might not be sufficient for running an app with a fair amount of incoming traffic. We recommend switching to at least Hobby plan to ensure app stability. Please see Heroku pricing plans here.