New Feature: WooCommerce Customer Login

A WooCommerce customer login feature has been recently added to MobileFront WooCommerce mobile app. Customers are now able to sign into their store accounts to personalize their shopping experience.

The great benefit of being logged in is that the information provided during checkout will be stored into customer’s account. Later on, during subsequent checkouts, the forms will be automatically populated  and the customer won’t have to enter the same information over again.

Here is the list of changed introduced by WooCommerce customer login feature:

  • Side menu has  new Sign in / Sign out buttons that will lead to customer Login page.
  • A link to login page can also be found at the top of the Shipping page.
woocommerce_shipping_page_empty  woocommerce-login-pagewoocommerce-shipping-pagewoocommerce-side-menu-login-button


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