MobileFront 2.0 Release: Plugins Support, Improved Installation, New Side Menu And More!


MobileFront eCommerce App has been recently updated to 2.0 version. Here is what’s new:

Multiple eCommerce Support

MobileFront eCommerce mobile app was initially launched as an app template for Shopify. Ever since we have been working on supporting other popular platforms. With version 2.0 we have reached a very important milestone of our product development. This release turns our template into a modular system that can be extended to support many eCommerce platforms with the help of plugins.

Here is a quick overview of existing plugins:

  • Shopify (included in the main bundle) – MobileFront bundle includes Shopify Bridge NodeJS application which securely and reliably plugs into Shopify  store. This way MobileFront template turns into a Shopify mobile app.
  • WooCommerce (will be available as a separate product) – the long waited integration is coming in a few days!
  • Static data (included in the main bundle) – plugin with fake products and categories that allows testing the app without connecting it to real shop. With this plugin MobileFront can be used as a generic eCommerce app template. Explore our plugin architecture and hook the app into the backend of your choice.

We can now rapidly add new plugins to support more platforms. Let us know which one we should add next.

New side menu design

The new version of MobileFront has a brand new stylish  side menu. On its top section there is a default avatar image and shop name that can be customized if needed.


Wholesale prices

We have received many requests from you to display indication of a discount price on the products list page. MobileFront 2.0 now displays old vs new price in all places where applicable.


Cart operations in desktop browsers

In previous versions cart operations weren’t working in desktop browsers due to CORS policies . The issue was solved in 2.0 and now you can perform shopping cart operations without running the app on a device.

You should still test the app on real devices before pushing your MobileFront app to the app stores.

You can read more about MobileFront App features and installation procedure in the documentation. Feel free to contact us if you have any question at!

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